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Animal Abuse Prevention

Helping To Save Abused Animals

This Agency is dedicated to:
The memory of all the animals who were caged,
hunted, beaten, tortured, starved, chained, exploited, or simply ignored.
We love them all – but sadly, they never knew it!

Animal Abuse Prevention Agency is a pro-active organization in preventing and saving animals from emotional and physical distress or suffering. We also aid pet guardians in placement of animals they are unable to keep. We always put the animals well-being first and foremost. We educate and assist the public on spay/neuter programs so everyone can have their animals altered at low cost or free. There is no other way to lower the number of animals ( 10 million a year) from being euthanized, except to prevent them from being born. You can not adopt your way out of an overpopulation problem. We work with a local humane society, vets, professional animal groomers, and under the guidelines of animal control to keep our 30 acre Critter Care Center running effectively and efficiently for the well-being of each and every animal.

Almost everyone loves puppies and kittens but some people lose interest when their animals grow up.
Animal Abuse Prevention Agency cares!