The Facts About CBD Oils And Supplements

As more and more evidence comes out about the health benefits of CBD, many people are asking if it is truly safe for humans and for their pets. Some worry that because this oil comes from the marijuana plant that it might have a mind-altering effect. Here we’ll take a look at some facts about CBD oil and supplements.

What Is This Supplement Exactly?

This is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. Researchers have found a number of therapeutic uses for the oil and supplement. Although this comes from the same plant that has THC which has a mind-altering effect, CBD supplements have no THC in them. This means that this supplement has no psychoactive properties.

The medicinally used oil is extracted from the least processed part of the plant which is called hemp. Farmers who have grown it for the psychoactive properties have attempted to enhance the levels of THC in those plants. But the farmers who are growing it for its hemp have not enhanced the THC in their plants.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

The body naturally has receptors for cannabinoids called CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors are responsible in part for our emotions and mood, our coordination, our memories, appetite, and others. This is what the THC attaches to when someone smokes the leaves or cooks them in something.

But CBD oil and supplements play a part in the body’s immune system as well as helping to lower inflammation and pain. It used to be assumed that since THC attaches to the CB1 receptor that this CBD oil would attach to the CB2 receptor but it’s now understood that it doesn’t directly connect to either but instead helps the body to produce its own natural cannabinoids.

Benefits For People And Their Pets

This supplement helps to reduce inflammation in the body and to relieve pain which is useful for both humans and their pets. This type of supplement can often replace other over the counter pain relief drugs that are used to relieve stiffness, arthritis and other common pain. CBD oils for dogs can be used as an anticancer agent and some evidence shows that it helps to suppress the growth of cancerous cells.

Another area that this supplement shows promise for is in reducing anxiety disorders. This is showing some effectiveness in both people and in pets who suffer from some types of anxiety. People who have general anxiety, common panic attacks, and social anxiety have been helped with the supplement. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety from their owner during the day have also been found to be helped with this supplement. Find a dosage checklist and chart here: