Top Human Foods That Cats Love & Foods That Cats Hate

Cats are so cuddly and adorable. While they love to eat, they can sometimes be dainty about it, and it’s fun to watch them enjoy their food. Every cat is different, but there are certainly some key foods that most cats like. For example, there is tuna, a popular staple in a cat’s diet. Various cat foods contain different ingredients, and then there are the safe people foods that cats can eat, too.

Aside from tuna, one of the dietary staples that people love to feed their cats is milk. Milk is a beverage, not a food, but it needs to be addressed for a reason. Many people don’t know that cats of age for the most part are indeed lactose intolerant. So it might be a good idea to look into substitutes for the milk, or just give your cat extra water along with the following scrumptious foods.

Since cats like tuna, you can imagine they enjoy other types of fish, too. They typically love salmon, and it is good for them. Salmon has the omega 3 fatty acids your cat needs, and you will also find that salmon is often an ingredient in popular cat foods. It is important that you understand the salmon does in fact have to be cooked to feed it to your cat.

Before we get to more foods that cats love, let’s talk about some foods, and smells for that matter, that cats do not like. They don’t like cinnamon. Don’t expect your cat to eat a cinnamon roll, nor should it be eating one of those tasty treats. Cats don’t like anything citrus, so keep that in mind, too. Lastly, cats are not fond of anything with a mint smell or minty flavor.

When it’s time for breakfast, do you often eat eggs? If so, you can share with your cat because cats typically love eggs. Eggs give you cat the protein it needs. Eggs are also said to help produce a shinier and healthier coat of fur, and they provide your cat with healthy B vitamins, too.

Another wonderful source of B vitamins for your cat is oatmeal. Does it sound odd to feed your cat oatmeal? You could get a pleasant surprise. For starters, oatmeal is another ingredient that you will commonly find in commercial cat foods. It is a hit or miss in terms of your cat liking oatmeal, but it’s something to try.

Cats can be finnicky about what foods they eat; however, when you find something your cat likes, you will know. Diversifying your cat’s diet is a good idea. Feeding him or her human food that is healthy and provides the right nutrients can supplement the typical commercial cat food diet. Find out what foods on this list your cat likes, and if you start with the salmon, your cat is going to love that.